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Grade 6-8

DIY Solar Ovens

by Mindi V. | Science

1 Lesson 10:36
  1. 1. DIY Solar Oven 10:36

Grade 6-8


NGSS Standards

About the course

"Build two different kinds of solar ovens: a funnel solar oven and a pizza box solar oven. Use the sun to cook some treats, and see which type of oven works better to bake up a s'more!

Use foil, plastic wrap, and an old pizza box to make a DIY solar oven and bake up a tasty treat."


DIY Solar Ovens

Course overview


DIY Solar Oven

Create a solar oven to cook your favorite s'mores!


  • bake
  • cook
  • DIY
  • food
  • oven
  • s'mores
  • snack
  • solar
  • sun
  • susatainable

Recommended Materials


Used pizza box
Plastic wrap
scissors/box cutter
Black paper (optional)


Mindi has her BS in life science, her MEd in Special Education, her PhD in Educational Leadership and is a certified K-12 teacher. As a teacher, Mindi has taught in a wide variety of ages from kindergarten to adult learners. She has also taught in a wide variety of settings including teaching on a remote outer island an hour off the coast in a one room school house, in day rehabilitation centers, GED and ESL learners, and middle school and high school science for students abroad online. She has developed district curriculums for a wide variety of subjects, school inititive plans, and worked on the development and implementation of countless IEPs. She is the Director of Curriculum and Instruction at Gooroo.

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