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1h 3m

Best Way to Learn Spanish 4: Present Tense

by Amelia S. | Foreign Language FREE

4 Lessons 1:03:21
  1. 1. La frecuencia or How Often... 12:43
  2. 2. Transportation & Comparison 15:00
  3. 3. Gustar & Others 22:47
  4. 4. Doler & The Body Parts 12:51


1h 3m



NGSS Standards



About the course

These new videos will cover a whole new section in the best way to learn Spanish. First of all, we'll learn to explain how often we do things at the same time keep practicing with the Present Tense. Transportation and comparison will be next where we'll practice how to compare different subjects. And then...Gustar and its friends, Encantar, Interesar, and Doler! Don't forget the bonus part: the parts of the body.
Starting from scratch, Easy Spanish will help you learn the language and be able to communicate with any Spanish speaker. Join us in this series of videos and let's learn together the beauty of this language. I promise you that you'll have fun! We will explain the grammar, we'll practice and review everything you need to know to become fluent in the language of Cervantes.


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I've been teaching Spanish for foreigners for more than 8 years and I love it! What I like the most is to be able to help students to achieve their language goals and motivate them. I try to encourage students to speak from session number one and, of course, there is no wrong answer!

I first started teaching at Escuela Delengua in the beautiful city of Granada, in the south of Spain. At the same time, I finished my two Master's degrees (Teaching Spanish for foreigners and teaching French).

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