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Basic Processing: Start Creating Your Digital Arts

by Rui L. | Computer Programming FREE

4 Lessons 58:44
  1. 1. Basic of Processing 10:08
  2. 2. Drawing Shapes 17:13
  3. 3. Color 9:48
  4. 4. Variables 21:35



NGSS Standards



About the course

Hi! Welcome you to this Processing Basic Courses. In this lesson, I’ll teach you how to create basic and complex shapes, static sketches and dynamic animations, and interactive games that respond to user input. This course is very friendly to novices, even if you don’t have any programming foundation, don’t worry, you will soon be able to start your digital art journey.


  • Animation
  • Coding
  • Computer
  • Processing
  • Programming
  • Shapes
  • STEM


I have had more than three years of design training experience, both online and offline. The number of my students exceeds 1,000. My course received more than 100,000 hits and received high praise.
Whether it's fashion, painting, packaging, posters, have you ever been attracted by excellent design and hope you can create such interesting works. I can help you master all kinds of design-related knowledge and techniques and help you find the most suitable way of artistic expression. I continuously have the enthusiasm to try various new design methods and design ideas, and I hope to share this enthusiasm. I believe that everyone has a talent for design, and I hope to inspire everyone’s creative enthusiasm and inspiration.

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