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All ages
1h 5m

Arts and Crafts: Mastering the Friendship Bracelet (Intermediate)

by Anna S. | Arts FREE

6 Lessons 1:05:18
  1. 1. Trailer 0:31
  2. 2. Introduction 4:03
  3. 3. How to Make an Adjustable Bracelet 6:48
  4. 4. Braided Pattern 17:34
  5. 5. Zig Zag Pattern 21:37
  6. 6. Flower Pattern 14:45

All ages

1h 5m

NGSS Standards



About the course

Are you bored? Do you have a long car ride or trip coming up? Do you need to get a family member or friend a gift and you just can’t quite think of a good idea? Then watch this video and learn how to make some really cool string bracelets! This is an intermediate level video, so I will not be going as in depth about the basics of making a bracelet. However, I will go in depth about the patterns you need to follow to make a braided, zig-zag, and flower patterned bracelet. All you need for this is some string and nimble fingers! I will also be teaching you how to make any string bracelet adjustable so you can take it on and off with ease. I hope your bracelets turn out beautiful!


  • Art
  • Bracelet
  • Colors
  • Craft
  • Creativity
  • Friendship
  • Imagination


I attended the Packer Collegiate Institute in Brooklyn, NY where I was able to explore my multiple different passions through engaging classes and fun clubs. I am currently on a gap year but am excited to attend Northwestern University next fall with an intended major in Environmental Chemistry.

Throughout my time in high school, I tutored many students in chemistry. As early as 10th grade, my chemistry teacher recommended me to the school’s peer tutoring program because she saw how deeply I was grasping and understanding the information being taught. I have worked with students on homework, test prep, and lab report editing.

In addition to tutoring high school chemistry, I have worked with kindergarteners and first graders on reading skills and comprehension, so I feel confident working

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