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Grade 9-12

ACT Grammar, Lesson 2: Your Road To A Perfect Score Actions

by Ushbah A. | Test Prep FREE

6 Lessons 58:30
  1. 1. Introduction 8:20
  2. 2. Placing Modifiers 15:12
  3. 3. Verb Tenses 14:23
  4. 4. Parallelism and Comparison 6:04
  5. 5. Possessive Nouns and Idioms 4:36
  6. 6. Frequently Confused Words 9:55

Grade 9-12


NGSS Standards



About the course

This course is the second of a multi-part ACT Grammar course series. The ACT is a gateway to successfully getting admitted to the university of your dreams. Being almost 4 hours in length, the test can be intimidating for even the best of us. The English section (being the first, longest, and most daunting) of the test combines an assessment of analytical skills as well as content-- but is also the most “learnable’” one. This course is designed with the aim of giving you the skills you need to master the ENTIRE section, while simultaneously providing you with the tips and tricks required to "beat the test". By making you familiar with the content, structure, and format of the Writing test, this course will walk you through an in-depth review to best ensure that you do not face any surprises on test day. It is entirely possible to raise your score magnanimously, so long as you use the right methods to get to it!


  • ACT
  • Admission
  • College
  • English
  • Exams
  • Grammar
  • Test Taking


Cornell University; Bachelor of Science in Health, Policy & Business

I have been a test-prep coach for over 4 years. After working with some of the leading test-prep companies across the nation, I now work with my own curriculum that I customize to every student's needs. Although the guarantee that comes with my curriculum is a 120 point score increase (SAT) and a 4 point increase (ACT), my students have seen increases that are much larger than that!

An aspiring IP Lawyer and cardio-thoracic surgeon, I graduated from Cornell University with a BS when I was nineteen years old. I have been tutoring for four years, specializing in SAT/ACT/GRE test prep, and I love teaching. As an artist signed with a record label, I am currently taking two years off to pursue my interests before starting graduate school. While doing so, I had the opportunity to develop and execute my own SAT/ACT/Test Prep curriculum, which comes with a score increase guarantee. Centered around strategic thinking, my courses are designed to help you reduce your testing anxiety and enhance your test taking skills before, during, and even beyond college.

Having taken the SAT in my early teens and scoring in the 97th percentile, I was approached by a lot of my peers for help with their test-prep. I "officially" started tutoring my freshman year of college. My first tutoring position was with the New York State Education Department's LPP Program, a nonprofit helping high school students from low-income backgrounds overcome academic challenges and prepare for college. During that time, I worked with certified SAT instructors and acted as a teaching assistant for individual and small-group classrooms. Eventually, I was assigned my own classroom, became a certified instructor myself, and taught the SAT and ACT ever since. I love watching my students improve their academic interests and excel in the areas I once watched them struggle with.

After my time with the nonprofit, I worked for a tutoring club and on-campus at Cornell, teaching standardized tests to students with learning disabilities. I have had the pleasure of watching my students watch their scores increase by several points. I made some excellent connections with my students, out of which a lot ended up in top tier schools. I have tutored in person as well as remotely using video and audio platforms.

I like to use visual aids in my tutoring methods. I find that students often have a hard time provoking their imagination and using aids help them detangle very complex concepts in their heads. When you can learn how to think like your test, there's nothing standing between you and beating it!

My courses are designed to give you an in depth review of everything you need to know to perform well on standardized tests and make a smooth transition into college. These tests are, obviously, significantly different from any test you take in high-school. They are also a lot longer, much more dense, and heavily based on strategic thinking. By combining hand-picked strategies and content knowledge that is personalized to your strengths and weaknesses, my courses are designed to target your weaker areas and polish your strong ones. Gooroo prioritizes growth, mentorship and an ignition of passion, and my aim is to help you all do just that. The transition from high-school to college is an incredibly crucial, stressful, and defining one; and my main aim is to assist you in ensuring that it is not just enjoyable, but also commensurate with your dreams and ambitions.

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