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Grade 8-12
3h 12m

[Webinar] The Bible: Stepping Back to Go Forward

by Caton Y. | Religion FREE

4 Lessons 3:12:22
  1. 1. The Bible: Stepping Back to Go Forward, Class 1 48:39
  2. 2. The Bible: Stepping Back to Go Forward, Class 2 48:24
  3. 3. The Bible: Stepping Back to Go Forward, Class 3 49:27
  4. 4. The Bible: Stepping Back to Go Forward, Class 4 45:52

Grade 8-12

3h 12m




Can something that was written thousands of years ago make a difference in your life today? Come join me in this five-part course where I share about my spiritual and religious journey, a strange winding road that eventually reached the doors of Christianity. Through sharing personal stories and quotes taken from the Bible, I try to make a case for how Christianity is relevant to life today but can be misunderstood.


  • Bible
  • Christianity
  • God
  • Jesus
  • Religion


Hi! I'm Caton, I’ve been a tutor for students from around the world since high school. I am from Charlottesville, Virginia, but I moved around a lot growing up, spending half my life overseas in Hong Kong. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Princeton University in 2020, and I'm currently taking a gap year to serve my church before starting fulltime work as a management consultant. My favorite part of tutoring is helping students to build confidence and think outside of the box while exploring their personal passions.

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