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Grade 6

More Concepts in Algebra, Part 2

by Raul Chiriboga | Math POPULAR

4 Lessons 37:57
  1. 1. Graphing Ordered Pairs 9:57
  2. 2. Graph Reflections and Translations 13:04
  3. 3. Graph Rotations 8:37
  4. 4. Graph Functions 6:19

Grade 6





In this course we learn how to graph ordered pairs as coordinate points on the coordinate system. We discuss about three types of transformations: Reflections, Translations, and Rotations. We also dive into the properties of functions and how they can be expressed graphically.


  • Algebra
  • Coordinate System
  • Functions
  • Graphs
  • Math
  • STEM
  • Transformations


NYU Tandon School of Engineering

Math/Chemistry Tutor – NYU Tandon School of Engineering:
Achieved higher student exam scores by developing weekly lesson plans for students. Motivated students by providing advice on the college process and engineering curriculum

I’ve been a Math and Chemistry tutor for four years for peers in my undergraduate studies, and a private tutor for middle schoolers. I enjoy teaching math and science from 6th grade and beyond. My courses offer a keen understanding in the fundamentals of a given topic.

I grew up and studied in New York City and graduated with a bachelor's degree in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering from New York University in 2018, and I currently working as an Assistant Chemical Engineer for the City. My favorite part about tutoring is helping students find their passion and inspire self confidence in science and mathematics.

I believe teaching should be both fun and intellectually rewarding for both the student and tutor. With this in mind, I aim to achieve comfort and confidence in my students when learning about fundamental principles in math and science.

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