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Grade K-1

Math in the Real World

by Emily Rosenblum | Math

4 Lessons 50:43
  1. 1. Shapes In the Real World 14:49
  2. 2. Numbers In the Real World 13:38
  3. 3. Position Words in the Real World 13:48
  4. 4. Review Day 8:28

Grade K-1



Knowing why we study math is really important. Even the youngest learners need to know why math is important and that they use it without even thinking about it. This course helps young learners start to notice math in the real world and asks them to think about times when they use and saw it. They are asked to draw and label or write (as much as they can) about these times to help practice literacy skills as well. There are four courses in this series and learners can take time to explore these shapes in their environment.


  • Math
  • Numbers
  • Reality
  • Shapes
  • STEM


Hi! I am a passionate educator who has over five years of classroom teaching and tutoring experience. I also recently graduated with a master's degree in education and I am really excited to be here with all of you! I am bilingual and love to read in two languages. I also love watching students learn and grow and see them reach their goals.

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