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Grade 6-9

How to Read a Primary Source

by Ariella F. | Humanities

7 Lessons 44:56
  1. 1. Why Is a Primary Source So Special? 7:42
  2. 2. First Reading 6:47
  3. 3. Second Reading 6:41
  4. 4. Third Reading 1:00
  5. 5. Fourth Reading 7:23
  6. 6. John Adam’s Response 5:23
  7. 7. Join or Die 10:00

Grade 6-9



In this course students will become historians, reading primary sources as if they lived in the era the piece was written. By employing the techniques taught in this course students will be able to take what they already know about history and read a primary source to expand on that knowledge. This process encourages students to ask questions, hypothesize answers to these questions, and make conclusions based on supportive evidence. Since everyone approaches these sources with a different set of experiences and abilities, it is common to arrive at different conclusions than your peers. However, if you do not do a close enough reading, it is possible to arrive at a wrong conclusion. To most correctly analyze a primary source, you need to know generalities about the document itself, as well as the era in which it was written.


  • Abigail Adams
  • Document
  • Historian
  • History
  • Letters
  • Primary
  • Remember The Ladies
  • Sources


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